Find Yourself & Connect with God
Self Study Program
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Connect with God
Find Peace
Learn Forgiveness
As we get stuck in the ins and outs of life, the daily obligations and responsibilities, our consistent (and sometimes boring) routine, it's hard to view life with a joyous, thankful, positive attitude.

But my sweet friend, YOU can change your path. 

You're BEAUTIFUL, BRAVE, & READY to live a fulfilled life!!

You're worthy of peace & happiness TODAY!
More times than NOT, we wake up each morning, not looking forward to the day; pushing the snooze button just one.more.time.

What if I told you...
approaching life from a dull, wearisome attitude isn't how we were meant to live.

What if I told you...
life was meant to be lived to the outmost, FULLEST JOY possible?

That IN FACT, God himself came to earth to give us this joy so that we may life to the fullest.

Well, that's EXACTLY what I'm going to do, and it's TRUE! 

​During this self-study program you are going to dive in and FIND YOU!

I'm going to help you discover and apply this truth to your life!
"When I first started this course I was in a bad place. I knew God loved me, but I was unable to feel it, or to follow His word. My family was suffering and I wasn't happy about anything. During the 6 weeks Michele helped me heal old wounds I was unaware I had. The course work was amazing and helped me find the Shanna that God created. Today I am a happy mom and I understand why I was set into Michele's path, God does amazing things!" - Shanna
"I started 2017 in a dark place filled with anxiety and postpartum depression. Renew Revive Thrive was exactly what I needed to start my healing process. It showed me reasons behind my feelings, which in turn allowed me to move forward in following my passion. Working through each module left me feeling as though a weight had been lifted and I could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel unstoppable and can't wait for the rest of 2017!"
- Misti
My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10
Let Go of Pain
Discover Your Purpose
Find Meaning in Your Day
"I've been able to release all of the hurt I was feeling when it came to loved ones, taking my love for them, for granted. Setting boundaries was the breakthrough I needed to know that it wasn't my fault." - Jenn
I know what you're feeling.

You have a desire to leave an amazing legacy on this world.

But... you’re paralyzed and can’t take a step... anxiety has overwhelmed you.

You feel devastated that you've lost yourself and it's a struggle to find the woman you once were.

The pain of facing your family, your friends, and your clients is sometimes too much to handle. You’re attracting the wrong people in your life and in your business.

Instead of feeling empowered you feel drained.

Left to pick up the pieces.
Know Your Calling
Live for Christ
Create Healthy Relationships
Self Study Program
Six Homework Modules
Low Price of $27
WEEK 1: Disconnection
- Where is God in your life
- Find peace in forgiveness
​- Create healthy habits & boundaries in your life
Week 2: Prayer Revival
- How to talk and listen to God
- How to make an impact through prayer
- Creating a space for prayer
WEEK 3: Spiritual Debt
- Overcome bitterness & resentment
- Let go of shame, guilt, & pain
- God's forgiveness & love
WEEK 4: Authenticity
- Discover what you love & your God given strengths and talents
- Find meaning in the day-to-day
- See yourself as God sees you
WEEK 5: Christ Centered
- What does it mean to live a Christ centered life?
- Why should you lead a Christ centered life?
- Change the world with His love
WEEK 6: Purpose
- Learn what God created you for
- Make an impact on the world
- Transform your life through service
"The homework was hard, but important. I want to read and reread it to gain more from it again and again. I see my life is now meant for God. It feels wonderful. It brings tears to my eyes. " - Kristy
My Beautiful Friend,

I'm Michele A Edwards a Christian Life+Business Coach for Faith Focused Entrepreneurs. I mentor purpose driven women to create success, freedom & purpose centered around God.

After 15 years of struggling to find peace, love, and success I took ownership of my path and made God a priority, aligning my life with His purpose.

I'm committed to educating Christian Entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of building a solid business centered on God. Utilizing my background in Project Management I create business strategies that drive success while living in purpose. 

I want to inspire, encourage, and serve you to reach your higher calling in life. It takes courage to live a BIG life when you feel broken and imperfect. 

I am living a courageously confident life, fiercely facing my fears.....and YOU can too.

I promise, if you put in the work, you'll transform your well being and you'll be living your life instead of existing. 

You're WORTH it!

All My Love,